• How to subscribe to Goran Net line?

    Subscription to our internet services is very easy. To subscribe to one of our services the following will be required:
    1. Landline Telephone at premises is required.
    2. A visit to our office for filing the necessary documents.
    3. On your visit, you need to bring along with you the following:
    a. Full address (House No., Street No., Neighborhood No.)
    b. 2 Photos.
    c. Personal documents such as a driver's license, Passport or national ID card.
    d. A mobile number required.
    Once the necessary forms are filled in and term and conditions are accepted by the subscriber. Our staff will contact you and visit your premises to install the appropriate modem and check the line and internet service.

  • How to subscribe to 4G LTE

    In order to subscribe to Goran Net Mobile, you should previously be subscribed to a fixed line of Goran Net, 4G LTE is available only for Goran Net subscribers right now.

    If you are not a Goran Net subscriber you can subscribe to Goran Net (Check the previous FAQ) for details.

    Once you subscribe to our fixed line, you can get a SIM Card for free, or optionally you can buy a MiFi device for only 45,000 IQD.

    For further information about Goran Net Mobile Plans and pricing, please click here.